Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Children grow taller under Chavez socialism (photo)

This photo was taken in the arriving immigration section at the Caracas airport. The entire hall is filled with banners stressing the sucesses of Venezuela under socialist rule.

The banner in the foreground boasts that children grow taller under socialism in Venezuela. I am curious not only how this was proven statistically, but also why this indicates that life is better under socialism. It seems relatively clear that this is an attempt to tug at the heart strings of Venezuelans.

The utulization of images of children in what are clearly political messages is also quite disturbing.

Also noteworthy is that while there was clearly a budget for these new and shiny propaganda items, the signage for the immigration lines is old, deteriorating and incorrect in its grand majority. It is clear where the priority lies with government spending:

Maintaining power is much more important than providing services to Venezuelan citizens and visiting foreigners.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chavez continues to abuse power and violate electoral regulations in Venezuela legislative election campaign

This post is a response to an article posted on transd[e]uce: electoral controversy in Venezuela: can elected officials campaign? (part 1)

As you state, Venezuelan law does not prohibit public officials from participating in the campaign. However, it does prohibit the use of:

1) public resources (including state media); and
2) the advantages of public office.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Electoral Commission rector denounces use of State media in electoral campaign (video w/ English subtitles)

Electoral Commission Rector Vicente Diaz denounces use of State media in electoral campaign (w/ English subtitles)

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and others government officials use government media outlets (TV and radio) for political campaigning. This activity is clearly prohibited by Electoral Commission (CNE) regulations. Regardless, similar activity continues and has been excused by the Electoral Commission President Tibusay Lucena and President Hugo Chávez himself. In addition, Chávez has threatened Rector Diaz with legal action if he chooses to continue denouncing use of government media for political purposes.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Violence in Guarenas: Notice posted in Civil Registry for murder suspect

Violence in Venezuela
"Friends, if you see this man, please let me know. He killed my 15 year old girlfriend. Call me or send me a text message."

Violence is everywhere here. Everyone is impacted. Everyone is scared.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Venezuelan Minimum Wage Not Sufficient for Average Cost of Living (cost breakdown): Inflation and Stagnant Incomes to Blame

Venezuelan basic food supply
Venezuelan minimum wage = BsF 1,224 per month.
BsF 14,688 per year or approximately  $3,400 USD per year.

Reasonable Average Costs (August 2010)
BsF 140,000 = New economy car
BsF 5,500 = Full size orthopedic mattress
BsF 4,500 = Basic food budget
BsF 5,500 = Refrigerator

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chavez mask wearers on motorcycle in PSUV rally opening campaign (photo)

Chavez impersonators in PSUV rally.
People, wearing masks depicting Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, ride a motorcycle as they take part in a rally held by Chavez's allies in Caracas, Venezuela, Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2010. Chavez's allies launched their campaigns Wednesday for crucial congressional elections that come just as recession, crime and inflation have pushed the socialist leader's popularity to a seven-year low.

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